The most generous Realtor compensation at the Lake of the Ozarks.  


Basic Compensation Plan

Plan Summary:  Associate receives 70% of gross commissions (GCI) until an Annual Brokerage Fee (ABF) of $22,500 has been received by Pinnacle, after which Associate receives 90% of GCI for remainder of year. 

In the Basic Compensation Plan the Associate receives seventy percent (70%) of the GCI from each transaction until the ABF has been met. After the ABF has been met within any given year, ninety percent of any transaction’s GCI is retained by the Associate.   The year resets on your anniversary date with the company.

The ABF is reached at approximately $2,500,000 in annual total sales volume, so when an Associate’s volume exceeds that level, all subsequent GCI flows to them at 90%. Associates operating at this level, on the Pinnacle Realty Basic Compensation Plan, are earning in excess of fifty five thousand dollars annually.

Each agent will pay a quarterly Errors and Omissions fee, currently $75 per quarter.   Pinnacle Real Estate Partners pays the current closing fee and listing fee, reducing the financial stress on our agents.


Plan Summary:  Growth Associates receive $2000 cash distributions, annually, for every ‘full ABF’ Associate they sponsor into Pinnacle Realty.

For Associates who have reached the level of meeting the annual ABF in the Basic Compensation Plan, Pinnacle pays out an annual two thousand dollar ($2,000) distribution when that Associate sponsors another Associate who performs at the full ABF level into the brokerage. This distribution recurs annually during the tenure of the sponsored Associate who continues to contribute to the brokerage at the full ABF level. We call Associates who sponsor other Associates into the brokerage Growth Associates. 

To illustrate the powerful financial benefit this plan can provide to Growth Associates who attract other full ABF Associates to the brokerage, if you bring five sponsored Associates to our company, it effectively erases ANY financial obligation the sponsoring Growth Associate has with the brokerage.

The Growth Associate Plan is effectively the equivalent of building a brokerage within a brokerage: growth minded Realtors are compensated for building an effective team of producing agents. The Pinnacle Growth Associate Plan, however, means that a Realtor can bring producing agents into the business without any of the risk and challenge associated with owning and managing your own brokerage, yet all of the financial upside is there. It is a rewarding program that offers tremendous financial gain for the “growth minded” Realtor.