4 Quick Tips When Staging Your Home To Sell


When preparing to sell your home, you want it to be shown in its best light to potential buyers. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional to stage your home, let alone purchase all new furniture to get that great look buyers are looking for. Here are 4 great tips that have a great impact with minimal effort and/or money.

#1 – Open Your Drapes and Let the Sunshine In

Sunny rooms with lots of light – that’s what buyers love to see. Pack up your heavy, ornate draperies. Blinds or plantation shutters are great if they’re clean, but open them before showings. Sheer curtains are fine since they don’t block light.

#2 – Buy White, Clean Bathroom Linens

Sparkling clean white towels give it that spa or luxury hotel look. Buy a set that you would only use for showings and fold them neatly and put away afterwards. Don’t use them at all. They are only for show. Another idea would be to tie a fancy ribbon around the center of the towels as they’re hanging, which adds a decorative touch.

Extra Tip: A new white shower curtain and bathmat are great additions as well

#3– Set a Comfortable Temperature

This tip should go without saying. I live in Missouri and it gets really humid in August. And vice-versa gets pretty cold in the winter. Pretty simple, if it’s winter have the heat on. If it’s summer, have the air on. You want to maintain a pleasant temperature, so your prospective home-buyers are completely comfortable during the walk-through.

#4 – Feng-Shui or Arrange Your Furniture

If you ever look in catalogs or watch TV, you will notice that furniture is almost always away from the wall and facing a conversation area. Try pulling your couch and love seat away from the walls and have them face each other with the coffee table in between them. Angle chairs to face the conversation area rather than the TV. Try searching on sites like “Pinterest” for ideas.
Hopefully these 4 Tips will help and boost interest while trying to sell your home!