Let’s face it, calling someone on the phone is time consuming and has a very low chance of success. Between the no call list, caller ID, and the fact many people just don’t answer their phones anymore, well, I’m sure you have felt the frustration of trying to reach new buyers and sellers by phone. Today’s successful agent needs to be able to use technology to multiply their chance of success; the best option is technology that is easy to use, inexpensive, and most importantly, effective!

Unfortunately, most agents are finding their technology solution(s) hard to use, costly, and not very effective. This is where Pinnacle Real Estate Partners is different. Our unique agent online marketing plan offers the Lake’s most effective way for an agent to get the exposure they need to succeed in today’s market. Best of all, the costs of this program are 100% paid by Pinnacle! We know your success is our success!

Every company boasts their own technology program, but most are seriously lacking in one or many areas. Franchises must use the systems handed down to them from a national office. This is never the latest or greatest solution, but you can be assured it is the one that makes the franchise the most money! Small independent firms often have no online solution at all and rely on their agent to buy costly programs. Pinnacle’s technology solutions have proven results, here is a quick breakdown of the free technology package we provide our agents.
We have the most powerful program in real estate today, it is a


Yes, it does it all; you can cancel everything else you are paying out of pocket for! Truth be told, you get two websites paid for by the company, and I will explain why two is better than one at another time.  Sounds complicated? It couldn’t be easier to use, and that is its beauty. Powerful, easy to use, effective, FREE! It sounds awesome – because it is! I would be glad to show you the whole package anytime you are interested.

Online marketing is the way to succeed in this market. Does your firm do enough to help you succeed? Or are you on your own, spending money and trying to get ahead? We at Pinnacle Real Estate Partners train our agents to use technology to succeed because your success will be our success. We pay for the technology because we want you to use it to its maximum potential. We want you to market yourself, not your brokerage, and to succeed at doing so. Pinnacle will give you the tools to succeed in today’s complex real estate market. Start your awesome journey towards greater real estate success NOW! Call Kathy Beeler 573-286-0559 for a confidential interview.